Community Support Plan

This is our annual community support plan

Tronlabs Romania is planning to support it’s TRON community by donating 75 % of the total rewards as follows:

– 60% directly to our voters
– 10 % to be used for DApp development
– 2.5% for initiatives that come in need for the TRON project and community such as organizing livestreams and meetups, developing useful tools for the project and other contributions regarding TRON.
2.5% for organizing our community events.

These percentages will be periodically reviewed based on the TRON price. We will be transparent with the TRON community and we will announce this kind of changes early enough. The woting rewards will be paid as soon as we can claim the first 1000 TRX. Untill now they remain in tronscan and you can check on Trxplorer  that no withdrawals have ever occured.

25% will be retained and we will use it to cover the operating expenses and future expansion of the Tron network that is under control. We plan to expand the datacenter and increase it’s capacity.