Core Values

TRON Core Values according to the Tron Foundation:

  1. Data creators will have the fundamental ownership of data, and the Internet should be decentralized. This was proposed by Tim Berners-Lee at the time when the Internet was born.
  2. Those who make a contribution to the TRON ecosystem will be entitled to proportional profits for their work, according to rules. A value network that can digitally capitalize on anything in social and media networks has the greatest potential.
  3. All forms of contribution should be of equal quantitative value. Substantially, the time invested by participants, excellent content, and attention are as valuable as furnished capital.
  4. The fundamental objective of TRON is to provide services for the public. As an ecosystem operated by a non-profit foundation, TRON is designed to serve the masses throughout the world who enjoy content entertainment, rather than gaining profits.
  5. Content should derive from people rather than capitals, and content should be used to reward people rather than to control people. Cultural and creative industries should be driven by the pursuit of the quality of art and content by content creators, artists and scriptwriters, rather than the capitalists who do not consume the contents.


And these additional two are our own:

  1. Tron Super Representatives (SR’s) and Candidates (SRC’s) should not focus solely on earnings from the network in paid dividends (voter rewards). They need to bring value and contribute to the network growth.
  2. We should innovate and educate by providing time investment, delivering trainings and sharing knowledge or creating content.