This site will act as a content selling resource for graphic designers and web agencies. It will be both a image store as well as a trusted 3rd party that will facilitate the selling and payments between content providers and customers.

Hot it is supposed to work:

1. For content sellers
  • Photographers/designers create content and upload it on the site.
  • You are able to specify the price and choose among the resolutions offered.
  • You are paid once a specific threshold amount has been reached.
  • You can achieve various levels (bronze/silver/gold) and have additional benefits according to their rank.
2. For Content buyers
  • Buyers browse the site choose images and download them in the desired resolutions.
  • They can pay using FIAT or crypto.
3. How we will bring value and how much we will charge
  • By uploading and selling your photos here, you don’t need to deal with the nightmare of order processing, printing, and postage. We deal with all of that on your behalf.
  • We will take care of the secure hosting and secure payments
  • We will verify each uploaded image.
  • We will have a low 15% fee.


Current progress:

I am still working on it. I’ve purchased the domain, worked on the design and layout. It’s 70% ready. The general public test access will be provided once the site is ready.

In the first launch stage it will have no live TRX payment integration and will work on credits. This is because I struggle with the Tron Payment implementation. As a result the progress has been a bit slow because I’m still learning about DAPPS, how to code them or how to implement certain solutions.

The Site description:
Download up to ### Images/Month. Discover our beautiful collection! Lot’s of new Images Added daily. Footage & Music Libraries are offered from Q2 2019. No Daily Download Limit. Speedy Search & Discovery. Types: Images, Photos, Vectors, Illustrations, Editorial, Icons.

Costs: 20000 TRX (Stage 1*)
Project ID: TLRTIS

*) Stage 1 – basic functionality without any 3rd party integration. This does not include any of my work, graphic design or development that I did and that had no direct costs in terms of labor or money. For me this is my personal investment or contribution to bring the site to life.

You can read below if you wish to contribute.

1. Contribute with Donations:

  • Level 1 contribution – Pledge 10 USD or 625 TRX
    We will include you in the newsletter of our VIP club!
  • Level 2 contribution – Pledge 50 USD or 3125 TRX
    We will include your name on the project site in the donor page as a Bronze sponsor.
  • Level 3 contribution – Pledge 100 USD or 6250 TRX
    We will include your name on the project site in the donor page as a Silver sponsor.
  • Level 4 contribution – Pledge 200 USD or 12500 TRX
    We will include your name on the project site in the donor page as a Gold sponsor.
How to donate for this project

If you donate in TRX, you can send it directly to our DAPP Dev Fund Address TXgbWCjqoM7QKSntXW9t1d9eoA3j9JUhCG
In the comments please enter just TLRTIS as project ID so we can differentiate for what it was sent. As an alternative, you can send a mail to hello[at] with the donated amount in advance or afterwards. Remember to substitute [at] with @.

2. Contribute with your work

Are you a designer, or photographer ? Well then you can sign up, create a profile and offer your content or artwork for sale on the site. Help us build content and services portfolios.