Internal Voting

In order to provide transparency, I’m going to write about how we are going to deal with the internal votes.

TronLabs Romania has currently 4 accounts:

While now we have a zero balance in the DAPP, Initiatives and Community funds in case that these are positive they will be used to vote for our main SR account.

How this is going to happen:

  1. If we will fund any of these, the TRX will be frozen to Bandwidth right after it was transferred.
  2. Frozen TRX will be used to submit the Votes for the TronLabs Romania SR candidate.
  3. If there is a need for the money, the TRX is unfrozen and sent to the Exchange to be converted into FIAT.
  4.  If there is no need for the money the TRX will be kept in frozen state and will cast a perpetual vote.


All voter rewards paid according to the 60% distribution for these accounts, will be paid back (will return) into the same accounts, where they will be either frozen again or spent on the projects.