Hello world!

Hello and welcome to our community site.

It’s July 2018, the Tron Main Net has launched a couple of weeks ago. I seeĀ  a chance to bring my own contribution. Stay tuned for some exciting news as I plan to go “all in”.

The Virtual Data Center deployment has the highest priority. I checked the posts of other SR candidates and try to scrap all info I can find. Resource usage for the nodes is not much now, that the network has just launched and there are no transactions, however it will grow in the future.

I had to take a decision as I am at a crossroad that will define the future, either rent resources in the cloud, as everyone does, or build my own and invest gradually as needed. My choice if in favor of the second. On the long run I will be able to build easier and scale as needed. Even if it’s not cheap, it will also allow me to learn new exciting stuff and keep my skills sharp.