Again on the Tronscan Map..

And.. we are again back on the map! (14.09.2019 – 9 AM GMT+2)

How come we’ve disapeared?
Sadly.. in Romania, it seems that we are the only server (tron nodes) operators. There were some folks who ran the nodes but now ours are the only one. Once we dropped back to 10.. puf, the country was removed from the map.

Screenshot (before)

10 nodes before 14.09.2019

10 nodes before 14.09.2019 that were run by our SR Candidate









In order to address the issue I’ve deployed the 11th node. Now, all 11 that are shown on the maps belong to this SR Candidate (TronLabs Romania)

This is how it looks now

11 nodes Tronlabs Romania candidate

11 nodes after 14.09.2019 at 9 AM that belong to our SR candidate