Tech Corner

Welcome to the TronLabs Romania Tech Corner. This is where you can find useful technical reference information to help you better understand how Tron technology works.

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Tron Node Config

Read and Learn about the configuration files, what each parameter does and why some need to be set or adapted in a certain way

Deploy of Tron Node

Read about how you can deploy any of the 3 types of tron Nodes (Witness, Full and Solidity). Install guide does covel all methods inclusive performance testing.

TRON Disaster Recovery Orchestration

Read in the whitepaper how you can orchestrate disaster recovery for the tron infrastructure. I’ve used Veeam Backup and Replication for this first part as I am VMCE certified.

Quick Tron Nodes Sync

Read how you can use an alternative way to quickly pre-seed the blocks and get your node quicker up to date or in full sync with the network without having to start from 0 (zero).