Tron SR

1. Official Site

2. Team info & Objectives
With over 8 years experience in IT and Data Center enterprise environments, TronLabs Romania’s goal is to support growth of the TRON ecosystem. We plan to support and nurture young developers and business strategists (investors) focused on block-chain technology. Our team is located in Bucharest, Romania.

Our main objectives as TRON SR are:

– to support growth of the TRON community by organizing events,
– to spread the word about TRON in Romania and abroad via social media and youtube,
– to expand our contribution and knowledge based on DPOS crypto,
– to apply our skills and experience to build on the Tron Network.

3. Social media influence

4. Annual community support plan
TronLabs Romania’s plan to support the TRON community is by donating 75% of the total rewards produced as follows:

In the short term (2018-2020)
60% directly to our voters
10% to be used for DApp development
2.5% for initiatives that contribute to the TRON project and community.
2.5% for organizing our community events.

We plan to revise the percentages periodically based on TRON (#TRX) price. Transparency about any changes is mandatory and we will plan to announce this early enough.

In the long term (from 2021):
We plan to establish a local data center in 2020 where we host our own servers, that serve the TRON network.

Well 75% will be donated, but what about the rest ?
25% of all revenues will be retained and we will use it to cover the operating expenses and future expansion of the Tron network that is under control. We plan to expand and increase our capacity gradually afterwards.


5. List of team members & pics
Dorian Tang – founder

6. Team intros

Dorian Tang (Founder)

Dorian Tang

My name is Dorian, I am an IT consultant and Azure Architect. I’ve been using, designing and deploying both VMware and Microsoft based solutions since 2008. I’m specialized in designing and implementing private and hybrid cloud solution based on the Microsoft software stack, Datacenter migrations and transformation, disaster avoidance.

I’ve been in the IT industry since 2002 and I’m in consulting services since 2008 when I’ve started working for Microsoft in Bucharest and did so till 2016. Then I’ve joined Veeam Software as an engineer, helped build the local tech support from scratch and currently lead the local tech support team for the DACH area.

I was always curios and wanted to learn new stuff, this is why I’ve dedicated my time to learn and grow. I hold multiple certifications as MCSE for Server infrastructure 2012, MCSE for Private Cloud, MCSE for SQL Server 2012/2014, MCSE for Sharepoint 2013, MCSE for Cloud Platform and Infrastructure, MCSE for Data Management and Analytics, MCSE for Productivity and MCSD for Azure. I am also a Veeam Certified Engineer (VMCE) and Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT).

You can read more about my professional experience on LinkedIn.

The idea to run as Tron SR came when I’ve attended the first Tron Meet-up help by CryptoGirls on the 12th of June 2018 in Bucharest.

7. Livestream
Making a live stream is one of my objectives as TRON SR. Sadly until now there was none so far. I plan to catch up as soon as possible

8. Meet Up
My plan is to hold our first meetup as TronLabs Romania in Bucharest till the end of the year. This is to raise awareness among blockchain and crypto enthusiasts in Bucharest, spread the word about how to participate in the Tron voting process, have tech talks and about how to trade the coin and develop applications powered by TRON. These events will be focused on discussions, brainstorming, sharing ideas and product creation within the community.

9. Community promotion efforts
We have also created a TRON community Facebook page in order to grow interest in the TRON project in Romania. We plan to post our events, news as well as important news from the official TRON Facebook page there:

10. Testable nodes
Our testable node is set up on dynamic DNS as
The port is the default one: 50051.
The test node did produce blocks before the 26th of June and the server was visible on in as one of the two located in Bucharest Romania

11. Plans for hardware expansion
Since the Tron network is at the very beginning and there is not a high demand for resources, we will start lower that the recommended server specs. However since we own our equipment and not rent it, we can also scale quickly if needed, with minimal upfront costs.

To ensure the security and stability of our servers we’ve had them hardened and deployed with active 24/7 monitoring and fail over mechanisms in place.

Compute capacity expansion:
We will add additional nodes later as needed. We have the current equipment ready for Data Center delivery and monitor the usage closely. We also plan to continuously invest into hardware expansion, once we are elected.

12. Server location:
Our servers are located in Bucharest (Europe).

13. Server types:
VM’s and bare metal machines.

14. Sever configuration before 26th June (VM )
4 Core E5-2660 Xeon, 16 Gb RAM, 120 gb SSD, 500 mbit network connectivity

We will start with a main and a backup node, both virtualized. The bare metal servers hosting them servers are currently collocated in a Tier 3 Green Data Center.

For the main and backup node, our servers have the following configuration:
24 vCPU, 128 GB of RAM, 512 GB SSD, 1 gbps network connectivity.

15. Budget expenses
Our estimated expenditure budget before 26th June was 300 USD, which includes minor hardware expenses for the testable node.
After 26th June we’ve spent 4000 USD to purchase the physical servers, the storage and to collocate them with a new provider.
In addition to the above, there was an additional expense of 500 USD for the 9999 TRX paid as fee in order to apply as Tron SR.
Total cost until now is: 4800 USD.