This is a list of projects (Dapps, sites and products) I’m working on. Integration with TRX currency for payment solutions.

  • A Image/Photostore
  • A Freelancer Site
  • A gambling site is due to popular scene demand.
  • HERMES “AD broadcaster”. This is a portable hardware/software combination capable to broadcast Ads.

I am working on it. I’ve purchased the domain, worked on the design and layout. It’s 70% ready. The only struggle I have is with the Tron Payment implementation. As a result the progress has been a bit slow because I’m still learning about DAPPS, how to code them or how to implement certain solutions.

Costs: 20000 TRX. It translates to TRX price in November/December 2018.

Freelancer Site for Tron
Meet the new Tron Services Market. I’ve identified this opportunity on the 5th of January 2019.

The site will act as marketplace and as trusted 3rd party that aims to facilitate services between designers, programmers, developers and other professionals and those who need to contract these services.

What I did so far:
– identified all needed key characteristics
– preliminary sketch of design
– purchase of domain

Costs: 30000 TRX for Stage 1 (launch)

I will add a donation option if anyone wants to contribute and help us build it. The amount of raised funds dictates additional features.

A gambling site
Tron has gambling sites as most popular Dapps. Why not get a new one that is different, from all there are right now.

Hermes “AD Broadcaster”
This is more or less a portable hardware/software combination capable to broadcast ADS via BT and WiFi.

The first version I’ve built was on a CHIP (9$ Arm PC). Since CHIP hardware is no longer available because “NextThing Co.” went out of business . I’m reevaluating porting to another platform.