Why Tron SR

A few days ago Jason Neely (bondibox on reddit) wrote this excellent medium post about why we all as candidates strive becoming a Tron Super representative (SR).

As for the most 4 important questions you can find our motivation in the text below:

  • Why?
    Why not ? There is a opportunity to help build something. Tron is a young project and everyone with an idea had a chance from the start, regardless if they thought about DAPPS, Educate others, or investing money. As I can see it, I can help build the network, I can learn something new and I can contribute to the community by sharing technical knowledge and tools in my own specific ways. Every SR or SR candidate is also an investor, because they have invested money in the SR application fee, in the VM’s or servers that are running the nodes. If you would not believe in the project you would not invest in it. This is just common sense.

  • What for?
    The answer for this question comes from within. I like to help, I can help and posses the skills and means to do it. Need other reasons? -> Personal development, giving back to the community, education and knowledge transfer.

  • What is your purpose in becoming a Tron SR?
    Well at least not the money. Everyone who focused only on money is fighting the rewards game, because without voters, you do not earn much. Running a node does cost money, promising high percentages paid back to the voters, will leave you with less to cover for operational expenses. Also performing publicity stunts and airdrops require budgets. From July 2018 and until right now, my SR candidate has earned 301 TRX in total.

  • What does SR allow you to do that you could not do before?
    It allowed me to become better, because of the accountability that is external. Once you promise that you do something, you need to keep your word.
    I’ve succeeded building my second virtual data center. The technical plan for the SR candidate was only the start. Luckily for me I have the costs for it already covered, if you read above my SR candidate made me only 120 TRX (2.4 USD) including the 10% Dapp fund.
    I’ve delivered a Tech Talk and product demo about “Backup of a TRON Masternode” at “Angajatori de Top”, one of the biggest Jobfairs in Romania in October 2018 in front of students and people looking for jobs. Based on popular demand of the Tron Community on the official discord channel, this is going to become a white paper freely available for download. And this again would be another starting point.
    I’m learning solidity. Even If i have no clue how to write a complete Dapp, I’ll try and continue to do so.


Food for thought
None of your reasons, or that which I claim to be able to do as an SR, rely on being elected as Super Representative. Everything I’ve written applies to being a Super Representative Candidate. All the things I’ve done already are proof that I don’t actually need to be elected SR to do these things. If I want to help the community, nothing is stopping me now.

I’ve realized this some time ago when things started to happen. Not having any pressure, because I need to pay others first, allows me to focus on the important things and get things done.

As for the first 27, I tried to put myself in their shoes but I’m not getting there. If I would loose money, I’d cut my losses and stop it rather sooner than later. Did that in the past when things did not work out, would do it again instead of feeding a black hole. This is also what he did when he stopped the Community Node SR candidacy a couple of days ago, but others failed to understand his “why”.

Leave the past behind. What you are doing in this moment defines you.

The current system is flawed. Bribing people is not the correct way to do it. You cannot get away with it in the real life and you cannot get away with it in the crypto world. And this is just because the current voters only vote to be paid back dividends in form of rewards in the first place and then surprise you can watch them take the votes away and move to someone else who pays better. Is it fair? Nope ! Do they care ? Not really !

I’d like to quote below Less Brown (motivational speaker) here:
“Used to bees don’t make no honey!”  Stop living on your past accomplishments talking about who you used to be and what you used to do. What have you done for me lately ?